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We Only Do One Thing, It’s Called AVADA

Our knowledgeable team is comprised of top-level experts in Avada integration, SEO, design and photography. We rely on many more skilled individuals to complement our team, adding .CSS skills, VPS infrastructure management, e-commerce consulting and more…

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WHELK | Creative | SEO | Support | Hosting | WordPress Avada Theme

At whelk, we’re all about people. We love to communicate and we really enjoy working with 100’s of happy Avada Theme customers from all around the world, especially those who are looking for beautifully built web sites in the near future!

“I worked with Phil and Loreen on my new website. Their responsiveness was extraordinary. Phil’s knowledge of the Avada theme and what works with it or doesn’t is invaluable. He is insightful, easy to communicate with and conducts his business with integrity. Highly recommend!”

Ruth Kerr, Guelph, Ontario

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