We offer tailor-made support for WordPress users who have chosen the Avada theme. We apply the same foundations as our hosting services, providing personalized service to every client we work with. Because at WHELK we only do one thing, it’s called Avada.


Avada Theme Support - CONSULTING

  • Expert advice when you need it the most…

Our support customers rely on us for day-to-day advice, updates and technical issues that go beyond the Avada help desk. We specialize in Avada development, helping those who require migration, planning and general website consulting around the Avada Theme.


• Avada theme updates
• Avada Site build technical issues
• Woo Commerce issues
• Gravity Forms help
• Plugin Compatibility and issues
• Consulting – pre-build planning
• Platform migrations to WordPress Avada
• E-commerce migrations to Woo and more…

Our support services are pre-paid per event for the first month. Ongoing support is billed weekly as needed once a working relationship is established. *All prices are in Canadian dollars. TERMS AND CONDITIONS


Whelk AVADA Experts Best VPS for WordPress Fully Managed

Yearly Maintenance Package

  • $180 a year for complete peace of mind!
  • WordPress, Avada & Plugins – Maintenance Package – All Updates & Patches
Whelk AVADA Experts Best VPS for WordPress Fully Managed

This package includes Monthly WordPress, Avada and Plugin updates and patches as per below, 24/7 priority access to our tech support when needed at a preferential rate of $60/hr CAD.

Monthly WordPress updates & patching

We keep WORDPRESS up-to-date for you. When WordPress core is up-to-date, it’s extremely secure. To ensure that your Avada themed site is running the most current version of WordPress, we constantly monitor and upgrade WordPress whenever patches and/or new releases are available.

Monthly Avada updates & patching

We keep AVADA up-to-date for you. When Avada is up-to-date, it is extremely reliable and fast. To ensure that your Avada themed site is running its most current version, we constantly monitor and upgrade your Avada theme whenever patches and/or new releases are available.

Monthly Third Party Plugin updates & patching

We keep THIRD PARTY PLUGINS up-to-date for you. When Third Party Plugins are up-to-date, they aren’t vulnerable to intrusive attacks. To ensure that your plugins are running the most current versions, we constantly monitor and upgrade all of them whenever patches and/or new releases are available.

Weekly Security Scans and Sites Checks

We perform weekly security scans and performance checks on your site, making sure your site is running at 100%.

Priority Tech Support for Yearly Maintenance Subscribers:

24/7 support is provided at a reduced rate of $60/hr CAD to site owners who “Opt-In”, pay for this service. In the event that an upgrade or patch creates a complex issue with your Avada site, you’ll benefit from priority service at a reduced rate to get you back on track ASAP!


We always test updates and patches on our own sites before they’re applied to client sites, providing us with a better understanding of what may happen, thus limiting the issues that could possibly affect your own site in a negative manner. Additionnal support fees may apply as [Whelk] cannot foresee issues that could arise from any future WordPress, Avada or plugin updates or patches. We include 1 hour of troubleshooting inclusively per event. Interactions and compatibility issues are common place especially with third party plugins including those installed by clients themselves. Most, if not all issues are fixed inclusively in our Updates & Patching Maintenance Package.
Our maintenance packages are billed annually. *All prices are in Canadian dollars. TERMS AND CONDITIONS