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What is On-Page SEO and Why it’s Important for Your Website’s ranking?

SEO | Organic Ranking for Your Website

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques attempt to optimize your site’s content to make it appear in a higher position in organic search results. In order to do so, SEO, or On-Page SEO tries to provide a content’s website to Google’s algorithm. Although Google’s algorithm remains secret, our SEO experience gives us a very good idea about the important factors we need to incorporate into your site.

Many On-page factors decide on the ranking of your website. These factors include technical aspects and other more textual issues as in the page structure of the site and what goes into the actual pages, the text and the words we use to describe your site’s content.

There Are Off-Page Factors to Consider with SEO.

SEO factors include the links built into your site and those directed at your site. The more external and relevant site links you have incoming on your site, the more ranking opportunity and domain authority you will most likely get in Google. Both internal links, from your website to other sites as well as external links from people or organizations you know referring your website are helpful in the ranking of a website in Google. Consider adding relevant links from websites that are relevant, that have good credentials and long time seniority.

It’s very important to have a basic understanding of how Google and most other search engines use links: they use the number of links pointing to a page to determine how important that page is. Last but not least is ensuring that you put forward all of the webs “best practices”.

What Is YOAST And Why Should I Use This Plugin for SEO on My WordPress Site?

Yoast is used to help Google understand what your page is about. First, we determine a list of the main keywords you want to be found on. Then, we create landing pages for these keywords – which becomes “your website”. By defining individual page text content, we are able to give crawl robots the specific subject or title of the content you are about to click to through. Furthermore, we describe each page’s main content with a Title and Meta-Description in a small text sampler called a “snippet”, the part you read under the title when reviewing search results.

How Search Criteria Works in SEO…

As an example, a typical Google search result page (aka SERP), shows 7 to 10 result links to websites which fit your search criteria. These results are what we call “organic search results”. Above these 10 blue links are two or three paid links, which are Google AdWords ads. These ads are placed by digital marketers such as our Google Partners or businesses like them, who through a bid strategy, aim to get them to the top of the page when people search for a specific term. Bid prices for PPC (pay-per-click) for these ads vary greatly, depending on the competitiveness of the search term. Similar ads could also be seen on the right of Google’s search result.

Next we submit your “Sitemap”, which is the site flow tree or site hierarchy of your entire website, giving Google a better understanding of how your site is put together and where to find specific content on your site.

Watch This Quick Video to Better Understand How Robots Crawl the Web

Organic referencing techniques are a medium to long-term investment for the visibility and performance of your website in the SERP search results pages (SERP: search engine result page).

Understanding SEO or “Local SEO”

Learning the Many Basic Truths in Order to Succeed at Local SEO…

We’ve put together some basic info here, you can get a good idea by reading below, although this shouldn’t be taken in any particular order. Local search is complicated. Getting your site and content visible to customers will take some time, work, and a lot patience. It won’t happen overnight or in a week from now. Nothing comes without effort or patience. Reading, understanding and following Google’s rules and best practices and additional SEO rich sites which relate on the subject is mostly how we go about local SEO.

As some would say, you are on rented property, you do not own your listings. Google, Bing, yahoo, Facebook, yelp, Yellow Pages, and other sites have that. Ultimately, the only thing we can do is to play by their rules. You don’t have to, but we’ve learned that you’ll save yourself a lot of anguish if you do. The only thing you own online is your own website and domain.

This said, it takes time, usually months to get a certain amount of visibility in local search engines. That’s why we start working on it from the start, before you need customers. It’s better to dig the well before you’re thirsty. If you’re in a rush, we suggest you start planning a PPC ad campaign of your choice with the help of one of our Google Partners.

How Long Does It Take?

Local On-Page SEO takes a lot of work if you plan on doing it yourself. Even if you pay experts like us to help, there are some steps you’ll still have to be personally involved in, such as collecting customer testimonials and Google My Business reviews. All of our customers receive an SEO Questionnaire to be filled-out. If you can nail down a permanent business name, address, and phone number, the better this is going to be, as we provide schema markup in our sites to define these criteria to crawl engines. If you plan on relocating your business in the months to come or every couple of years, we’d advise that you set low expectations.

You can’t control Google and you can’t truly pick the centroid local geography you’re visible in. You will have all kinds of questions on why, what, where and how this is happening, but basically Google decides. There’s nothing you can do about it, except to push forward and do the best you can.

What We Do Best Using Local SEO Techniques

  • Understanding the mission of your business and your goals (SEO Questionnaire – Keyword selection)
  • Keyword Research
  • Building the foundation of your website accordingly with a dedicated menu (home page) for the content that needs to be served
  • Title & Meta Description / Snippets creation for Search Engines
  • Google My Business optimization and verification process
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SEO Copywriting

It’s What We Do Best, Have We Told You it’s What We Do?

When it comes to writing or revising content for the web, it’s important to realize that we write with the intent of getting Google’s attention and then, the end client you want coming to your site.

Let’s explain this a bit more… When your page is crawled, meaning looked over by Google’s robots, it’s trying to interpret and understand what your page is about and who then would be interested or best served with your page’s content. When a user enters a specific question or keyword in a Google search box, what content will Google deliver on the first page? It’s only once Google understands your site’s page content that it can offer your pages as a relevant search results. At this point, by clicking a proposed link, your prospective client gets sent to a page on your site.

We also write content so that your customers understand what you business and service offering are all about. We organize it the best way possible, using what we call “headings” and “body copy” to promote visibility from Google and then supply clean, concise content in order for your customer to get the info they are searching for. You might find that certain “key phrases” or “keywords” come up more than once in your pages, and that’s exactly what we aim to do in order to get you noticed!

“Write” This Way Please…

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WHELK Works With Trusted Google & Facebook Partners When it’s Time to Promote Your Website…

If you need to start ranking fast, you may want to consider an AdWords or Facebook campaign in the near future. Our partners work with many of our clients in order to get their site and pages seen. Plan a meeting with these experts, define your goal and start ranking with your customized pay-per-click campaign.

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