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With over 30 years of branding experience, we know how to create a lasting impression…

As a Branding Agency in MTL,Qc and KW,Ont, We Help Companies Stand-Out from the Competition!

Everybody wants a website, but too often we forget how much we still need printed materials, advertisements, social media elements and let’s not forget a logo for anyone starting out or in need of a little refinement while we’re working on the website. Whatever the reason, you’ll be happy to know that we are seasoned experts when it comes to graphic design and print production.

In fact, our roots are firmly planted in design, having earned an enviable reputation from years of hands on experience in marketing and communications as a well-established branding agency started in Montreal some thirty years ago. Fast forward, Whelk is here to help with that brochure, and able to offer valuable rebranding advice on sprucing up your corporate image for your upcoming website launch…

Branding & Corporate Identity Projects

If you’re looking for a branding agency in Montreal, you’ll be happy to meet Phil Ryan, the founder of Whelk inc. His 30-year career as an agency principal in and around greater Montreal has helped a large number of entrepreneurs, corporate clients and even a few fortune 500 companies with straight forward marketing ideas, design & communication projects and hundreds of branding and rebranding initiatives over the years.

Traditional Print Creative & Production

WHELK DIGITAL AGENCY | Creative | SEO | Support | Hosting

Get a copy of our Creative Rebranding Book. We put this together a while back, but what applied then still applies in today’s digital landscape.

Branding agency logo designed by a Montreal firm | Whelk
Website design services from a Montreal Agency | Whelk

“From the start, Whelk designed our corporate identity, gave us clear direction on our branding initiative and then set up a very fast WordPress Hosting environment for the new website our team had built-in house. We haven’t looked back.”

Hugo Brizard, Pharonyx inc.