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+Patriot Act Privacy Protection (Our servers are located in Canada)

We Provide High-End Fully Managed VPS Hosting exclusively to 100s of Avada Theme Websites

13 years of hands-on VPS management has fine-tuned our hosting expertise. Our WHELK VPS hosting environment is specifically built around the Avada Theme. It’s intended exclusively for AVADA WEBSITE OWNERS, power users like you. You’ve chosen Avada, the best theme out there. Now’s the time to choose the best hosting to go with it.

Our High-End Fully Managed VPS Servers Provide All of the Hosting Requirements Your Avada Theme Website Really Needs:

  • VPS Hosting with dedicated IP

  • 256 MB of RAM for your Avada Theme

  • PHP version 7

  • MySQL Latest Version

  • 100% access to all custom PHP configurations

  • PHP Time Limit: 300

  • PHP Max Input Vars: 3000

  • SOAP function if using WooCommerce

  • DOMDocument: YES

  • WP Remote Get: YES

  • WP Remote Post: YES

  • and more…

We Go Beyond Hosting, Making Sure Your Avada Theme Website is Running at It’s BEST!

For starters, not only will we install and/or migrate your Avada site to our servers, we’ll check and review your existing WordPress installation, your Avada theme setup and your installed plugins to make sure you’re up-to-speed. If we see any problems, we’ll report on what needs fixing and point you in the right direction so that you can address what needs correcting, making sure you improve everything on the back-end in order for your site to run smoothly.

Looking for Avada Speed?

That’s where we really do some magic… By setting all of our VPS server ressources to serve your Avada theme efficiently, you’ll get a world of performance improvements. How about a faster responding Fusion Builder, your Avada System Status panel with ALL GREEN RESSOURCES AND CHECKS, or how about PHP 7 to handle all of the newest server side scripting. Still want more… How about the latest version of cPanel, which offers clutter-free server management for your Avada Theme site.

What Else is Included in our Fully Managed Avada Website Hosting Packages?

  • Free site installation or whole site migration onto our VPS servers

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Key

  • Unlimited monthly traffic allowance

  • 10GB SSD server disk space

  • Unlimited POP email accounts

  • Roundcube Webmail service

  • Apache SpamAssasin email filtering

  • Website Metrics access

  • MOD Security

  • IP Blocker

  • Apache Website Optimization

  • Softaculous APPS and more…

If you want us to take care of your site on an ongoing basis, our WHELK MAINTENANCE Package handles everything monthly for complete peace of mind!


• 21846+ customers worldwide
• 3 dedicated data centres
• 17+ years in the business

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FREE Site Installation* or Whole Site Migration on our Fully Managed VPS Servers

We handle all of this for you – inclusively. Forget having to install your Avada theme WordPress site or having to migrate your WordPress site to our servers by yourself. Our installation and migration services are all-inclusive and handled by us. Sit back, relax, let us get your Avada themed website up and running at its full potential.

*Site installation requires a valid Avada theme licence available via themeforest.com

FREE “Let’s Encrypt” SSL Certificate & Installation on Your Avada Theme Website

HTTPS is the future of the web. Get search engine rank benefits and increased user trust from installing SSL site-wide. Google recently announced that having an SSL Certificate is the easiest thing site owners can do to boost SEO ranking… The Google search boost for using SSL applies to all sites, whether they have personal information or not.

FREE Enterprise-Grade Security & Backups for Your WordPress Avada Theme website

Built in security features for your WordPress Avada theme site keep your data and your website safe from hacking and malware. Our MOD security module gives you an additional layer of protection and our IP Blocker module is also included to prevent unwanted IP addresses or ranges from accessing your Avada themed website.

Our Avada Theme ready hosting platform meets and exceeds most security requirements.

  • Real-time replication on a secondary server

  • Hard Drive redundancy with RAID-10 configuration

  • Backups every 24 hours on an external server

  • 7 days of backups