The Force is Strong When You Start Using a Premium WordPress Theme Like Avada.

Step aboard this #1 selling theme for WordPress and you’ll quickly come to the realization that the available controls in Avada Theme are that of a star fighter compared to let’s say, a run of the mill skateboard theme you may have previously used.

Upon embarkation, you’re at the helm of a world of galactic possibilities, but do not worry, our Avada Theme Support Yoda Style is there to help. Yes, I’m writing this post with a certain Star Wars inclination, but there’s purpose to using this metaphor as this article will hopefully demonstrate.

Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post

Light Sabre in hand, I’ll try to guide the way as I illuminate you on the subject of all things Avada.

In our endless pursuit of “Concierge Level” Avada Theme Support here at WHELK, we’ve come across more than a couple would be Avada Jedis. People who’ve read about Avada, who’ve purchased it, installed it, demo’ed it to the extreme (loading way too many themes at once) and ultimately deciding on a specific one to call their own.

All was good until they came to the realization that they might be in over their head, feeling a bit overwhelmed, a more in depth understanding is called for. As I said, the force is strong, not only does Avada pull you in, it makes you want to push the web envelope, as it offers limitless possibilities without quite expecting you to use them all, but still taunting you with its vast array of ever customizable options.

Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post

Avada Support Help, Yoda Style…
“Always two there are, no more, no less.
A master and an apprentice.” – Yoda

For most Avada users, simply replacing demo content with said logo, pictures and presentation copy as to replicate an existing Avada template is sufficient. For others, it isn’t merely enough. When clients come to us for Avada Theme Support, it often goes beyond answering slider problems, spacing titles or page padding issues or something not functioning as expected. For these types of issues, Avada Theme Support and the Official Avada User’s Group Page on Facebook are where avid users can obtain the best source of information.

At WHELK, our support offering is more about better understanding, developing deeper skills and ultimately gaining all around control of the Avada Theme. Something we’ve gotten quite good at through one-on-one training sessions and ongoing support provided with our Avada Startup Platform.

Work efficiently you must… I tell my Avada apprentices.

Often joking as to being portrayed as Yoda, the Avada wise one in conversations. As funny as this may sound, the metaphor has been very effective as to establishing a good teacher / Student rapport with a number of eager Avada apprentices. The sense that you are trying to grasp a particular lesson, aiming not only to please the master but to successfully accomplish what you set out to do, seeing on screen results that deliver content as you had it in mind to display.

Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post

“Always pass on what you have learned.” – Yoda.

After more than 50 hands-on site builds, we try to provide future Jedis with all that we’ve learned and amassed over the last three years using only Avada Theme. I think we’ve succeeded not only in providing these candidates with sound advice, I’d say we’ve better equipped them to do battle with the dark side and all of the unknowns which comprise the Avada Theme.

Even I, myself find certain functions in the theme daunting, areas in which I’d never given much attention to, deep menus that garnered no input until a new site build, a new design direction awakened the need to tweak and adjust… In any case, avid users in search of better, more refined skills truly enjoy our Jedi training sessions. They come to us for just these reasons, quickly becoming masters of their own Avada Theme websites.

Navigating Pricing Tables, Easy for Some, Tricky for Others!

Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post

“PATIENCE YOU MUST HAVE my young padawan” – Yoda

Purchasing the Avada Theme doesn’t get you your own website. One must work hard and spend a great many hours creating the website they have in mind. Be it for their own use or as client projects they’ve taken on, patience is something that needs to be high on your list, if you’re attempting to go beyond simply replacing content.

“Looking? Found someone you have, eh?”

Maybe you’re ready to become a Jedi Trainee, maybe you’re still collecting Avada Theme Support data before committing to this Premium WordPress Theme. Whatever the reasons, here are some training topics we’ve covered with past apprentices…

Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post

New to WordPress, Still Searching for The Right Theme? WHELK is Here to Help!

Avada Theme Support Information You Can Use:

5 Lessons Learned From Past Avada Theme Support Jedi Training…


#1- Choose the Right Avada Theme Demo

This is an important decision, the first step to take before setting off on a new site build. Browsing the many available Avada Theme demos, you come across 35 well thought out (for the most part) layouts in which to base your site on. Nevertheless, if you have something altogether different in mind, you can opt for the CLASSIC Demo which pretty much let’s you fiddle with everything.

A. Select the CLASSIC DEMO for personalized builds or choose one of over 30 SPECIFIC DEMOS if you’re looking to reproduce the certain feel of the demo in question.

Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post

B. Smaller sites work great with side menu demos. Sites with only a few pages, specific content and especially those that want to keep it simple can benefit from demos such as CAFE, LIFESTYLE, AGENCY or RESUME to name a few.

Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post

C. Larger sites, those needing more complex menu hierarchies, secondary menus and footer menus will benefit from demos which offer out-of-the box flexibility, good demos for this type of build would be CONSTRUCTION, UNIVERSITY, ARCHITECTURE or how about HEALTH.

Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post

#2- Don’t Get Caught Up on the Demo Name

So you’ve got a website project to tackle? Most designers’ first instinct is to start looking for a WordPress Theme that matches the subject at hand. Your site is for a bakery… Let’s search for “Bakery” themes, one that could hopefully answer all my needs, one that shows bread pictures, a cute little baguette logo and some catchy titles and subtitles, like “Freshly Buttery Baked Croissants” and menu pages that reflect what you are looking for. If you go in this direction, you’ll be at it quite a while before you find a “Hermit Crab Collector” theme…

In any case, the truth is that it doesn’t really matter. If you’re set on using the best theme out there, sure, Avada Theme doesn’t have 500 demos for 500 different subjects, but that’s OK. The point being that you’ll be using your own logo and your own pictures and copy. Whatever Avada Theme DEMOS you decide to use should be based on functionality.

Ask yourself: Does this demo have the presentation structure I’m looking for? Does the chosen demo have features I want to integrate into my own site? Is the demo suited for the number of pictures I want to promote, either on page or using galleries or portfolios?

#3- Nothing is Set in Stone, Especially Not Avada

I don’t like blue! That’s not a problem, because everything you see in any Avada Templates is completely editable and even interchangeable. Want to use FINANCE but looking to give it an orange hue, let’s do that. Want to move forward with VETERINARIAN, but looking to do get more of an emergency clinic look, let’s change it to red!

Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post

Like the layout of a certain Avada Theme demo, but don’t like the fonts? That’s OK, there’s nothing to stop you from changing the body font, the Headline fonts and any other typographical aspect of the DEMO that suits your build. Google fonts are easily accessible through the TYPOGRAPHY menu in Avada. Simply check out the font(s) that work best with your subject matter and test away.

Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post

There’s no better way to change the look and feel of an existing Avada DEMO than to modify the COLOR scheme and the body and headline FONTS to suit your subject and content.

#4- Mix & Match, Add & Substract Avada Elements

Do the math, there are over 35 Avada Theme Demos, a wide range of design styles with a host of preset options and functionality already set up for each different build. That’s hundreds of different bits of content you can mix and match to suit your specific site build. Grab something you love from another demo and use it in your chosen demo. Remove stuff you’re not going to need and make way for content that really works with what you had in mind.

Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post

With easy to use DEMO import functions and the ability to save containers and design elements to readily accessible libraries at will, whatever you collect along the way will easily integrate to your existing DEMO’s custom settings. Any addition that doesn’t quite fit right can be quickly tweaked to adapt to its new surroundings. Dare we say that once you start doing this, you might just end up with more than you could possibly have wanted in the first place!

Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post

#5- Study the Settings and Library Content of your Chosen Demo

Before you start uploading everything but the kitchen sink to your media library, there are a few steps you should take to ensure that your new site will be as visually appealing as the Avada Theme Templates you started out with.

After having imported the chosen template pages and required content, go to the media library and get acquainted with the images that populate the said demo. Notice the different images as to their position in the site’s front end. Is this a slider image, is this an image that’s used as a background in a container, is this a featured image in a blog post, etc. Whatever the image, click on it, get the file size it was created at.

Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post

If the slider images happen to be 1800 x 1200 pixels at 72 dpi, of course, you should create a blank file in Photoshop or any other photo-editing software, matching that exact size. By pasting into this blank canvas, then saving your jpeg to web at 60% quality – optimized, you’ll be replicating existing demo content with your own content with the same values, thus ensuring the same beautiful results in the process… Give it a try!

Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post

The Force is Strong Here at WHELK, Offering Avada Theme Support to a Growing Number of Avada Jedis

Discover What Some of our Jedis Have Put Together…

Take a look at what Hugo Brizard did with, a construction management application and try to guess what Avada DEMO he used. While you’re there, take the site for a spin, you’ll quickly discover another beautiful Avada Theme website creation.

Meet Rob Cooper, a photographer and IT consultant. He’s one of our own Avada Jedis and he’s put together a simple but elegant photography portfolio using the PHOTOGRAPHY DEMO to showcase his work, take a look at

Whelk Avada Theme Support Yoda Style Blog Post

Looking to start your own Avada Theme website, planning on doing it yourself? If you don’t want to sweat the technical stuff, we’ve got you covered with our one of a kind website offer that gets you started in no time at all… Take a look at our Avada Startup Platform, it’s the perfect base from which to launch your next site and you get access to Expert Avada Help if and when you need it.

Are You a Future Avada Jedi Master?

You too can become an Avada Jedi master in no time at all… The most valuable lesson you can take from this post is that THE FORCE IS STRONG when it comes to Whelk Avada Theme Support.

If you’re thinking of building your next site with the Avada Theme, get ready to experience a world of support options that are sure to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Make your next site, an Avada Theme site!

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At WHELK, not only do we create beautiful Avada Theme sites, we also support and provide high-end hosting on our fully managed Avada tuned VPS servers.

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