Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques attempt to optimize your site’s content to make it appear in a higher position in organic search results. In order to do so, On-Page SEO tries to provide a content’s website to Google’s algorithm. Although Google’s algorithm remains secret, our SEO experience gives us a very good idea about the important factors we need to incorporate into your site. Furthermore, we’ll take these results and do some on page copywriting that is specific to the required page keywords.


Research & Analysis - 10 keywords

$960Per Language/CAD$
  • Understanding the mission of your company and your goals (SEO questionnaire). Search volume analysis of keywords (Search Volume)
  • Complete SEO Report for under $750 USD.

Content Structure & Site flow Review

$240Per Site/CAD$
  • Written report to help you better define your website’s flow. Funnel your customers to where you need them to go.

Keyword Optimization for Editorial Content

$120Per Permalink/CAD$
  • Editorial recommendations that should be applied to your website content. Content integration is then done at our hourly rate.

Local Business NAP (Name/Address/Phone)

$90Per Site/CAD$
  • Local business “Schema Markup” which is integrated to your website.

Snippet Creation for Search Engines

$60Per Permalink/CAD$
  • We will define all of your title and meta-descriptions with keywords, per URL.


Google Webmaster Tools & Search Console Integration

$360Per Site/CAD$
  • Implementing everything Google to your site.

The factors listed below are often put aside because they happen behind the scenes and often go unnoticed. However, it remains that they are very important for quick indexing to Google and therefore help SEO performance of your site. In short, if you want Google to notice you, you must play according to these rules. Theses implementations are essential in order to help your site rank higher.


• Submission of your sitemap to Google Index
• Link to Webmasters Tools Search Console
• Specification of your Geotarget to the index
• Mobile and Desktop ‘’Page Speed’’ verification
• Creation, validation and optimisation of your Google My Business + admin rights if applicable
• Google Analytics linking + admin rights
• Integration of an hyperlink directly to your Google My Business page ‘Leave a review’’

Our website design services come with a detailed proposal that outlines everything that’s included. Our terms are 50% upfront, 50% upon delivery – LIVE site. *All prices are in Canadian dollars. TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Organic referencing techniques are a medium to long-term investment for the visibility and performance of your website in the SERP search results pages (SERP: search engine result page).

How robots crawl the web


SEO Copywriting

  • Copywriting with your SEO keyword in mind

SEO copywriting that aligns with your SEO results. Following a complete SEO review, we will implement copy that helps you rank naturally for specific keyword(s) per page.

Our website design services come with a detailed proposal that outlines everything that’s included. *All prices are in Canadian dollars. TERMS AND CONDITIONS


Language Translation Services

  • Second language text/copy translation

Need help translating your ENGLISH copy to FRENCH or SPANISH or any other language? Look no further… We do that!


• Translation of supplied text/copy


• WPML text/copy integration

Our website design services come with a detailed proposal that outlines everything that’s included. *All prices are in Canadian dollars. TERMS AND CONDITIONS

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